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Mission of Ensign Thigpen by ZachRamirez Mission of Ensign Thigpen by ZachRamirez
Submitted for the approval of Draw Off #17: Space, The Final Frontier

Captain's Log - 4th cycle of year 21778 (Tyran Quadrant)

With a crew of five, I set out for the Parsarian sector of the aforementioned quadrant in search of much needed dark matter in order to fuel the ion combustion engines of the BlazBlue, the ship in which i currently reside and which, with each passing moment, inches closer to a transformation into our final resting place. Though on a cosmic scale red giants may be awe inspiring, the true menace of a craft such as the Blue, ironically enough, shares the same name.

As we entered the neighborhood of a diminutive blue dwarf the ship was violently shaken by an unexpected solar wind. Though this may have been a trivial matter to a superior craft, the archaic ion thrusters of the Blue were unable to withstand such a beating, and with the calming of the winds came the subsequent silencing of our only form of propulsion.
Fortunately all we would need to resume normal operations could be found in superfluous amounts in the very sector we were trapped. Unfortunately this much needed commodity goes by the name of Trillfandius, more commonly known as the Angelic Shock Slug. To obtain one, a member of the ship would be forced to venture alone into open space. To me this meant one thing; time to draw lots! Naturally I was spared the short straw. Ensign Thigpen however was not so lucky.

"Stay close to the ship," I said as Thigpen closed the hatch to the airlock that would release him to the embrace of nothingness. This minute marks the seventh hour since Thigpen last was seen from the porthole of my quarters. His air supply was only sufficient to last six.

It is with this in mind that I send out what may be the final transmission of the BlazBlue. If I am fortunate enough to have sent it in the direction of any sympathizing entity please come for us. I fear we will shortly exhaust what remains of our dwindling oxygen supply.

Alpha Cordinates 20.7854' - 1178G


Ok so I wanted to write a short story to go along with my submission for our fun little draw off challenges. As you may be able to tell, I kind of lost interest halfway through. I know it didnt really go anywhere, but it was more just an exercise for my own enjoyment.....oh man am i selfish.

Anyway this piece was drawn by me, with special guest colorist Shinakari [link]

She did an awesome job, didnt she!? Anyway, hope you enjoy.
Wait a minute! I just found this!? Now?
ZachRamirez Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
oh man, i guess so. glad you like it though :)
MatthewB3 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Professional Filmographer
She did.
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June 20, 2009
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